D 2015
26 min, DCP
founded by Film- und Medienstifung NRW

Walter is waiting at the last station of his journey through life. His family and friends all know what is best for him. But in the end they have to understand that his ending belongs only to him.


Hermann Beyer, Yorck Dippe, Nagmeh Alaei, Trixi Janson, Siba Shakib, Ilse Strambowski, Manfred Böll, Nicole Johannhanwahr, Rebecca Madita Hundt, Emil Schwarz, Hans Böing


Director & Script Susanne Boeing
Producers Andrea Karkut, Susanne Boeing
DoP Michael Faust
Art Director Ann-Kathrin Otto
Editor Gisela Zick
Score Ina Siefert
Casting Susanne Ritter
Makeup Artist Mirjam Himmelsberger
Costume Susa Sasserath


Atlas Awards™ International Film Festival & Atlas Indie™ Services

Awards (40) + Festivals (113) (Selection):

Flixxfest Film Festival 2015
San Francisco Film Awards // Humanitarian Award Of Excellence
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards // Nominee Best Foreign Film April
The Accolade Global Film Competition // Award Of Excellence – Special Mention
Jefferson State Flixx Festival USA
Hollywood North Film Festival Ca // Best Overall Film & Honorable Mention
La Costa Film Festival USA
Cinedoc Roma
12 Month Film Festival Romania // Fiction Of The Month Award – June
Middle Coast Festival, USA
18. California Independent Film Festival 2015
Delhi International Women’s Festival
Philippienes Cebu International Documentary Film Festival
Macedonia – Tetova International Film Festival Oda
UK – Aberdeen Film Festival 2015
Cincinnati Film Festival
International Shorts Washington Dc
World Of Film International Festival Glasgow // Best Short Film – Female Perspective Award
USA – Full Bloom Film Festival
München Underground Filmfest
International Film Awards Berlin // Honorable Mention Award
The Monthly Film Festival // Best Original Score Award, Nominee Best Actor & Short Film
Visioni Corte Film Festival
Bangladesh 14. Dahka International Film Festival
USA – 16. Ojai Film Festival // Honorable Mention
Atlantic City Cinefest
6. Atlanta Shortsfest
Australia – Colortape International Film Festival
37°Festival Internazionale di Cinema e Donne //Alida Valli Prize
Los Angeles CineFest
32. Videofilm Tage Koblenz
USA WOMAN UP Independent Film Festival
Spotlight Short Film Awards //  2015 Gold Awards
15. Festival del cortometraggio ‘O Curt XV Napoli
USA 2015 Directors Circle Festival
Hollywood International Film Festival // *Best Short Film
USA – Another Independent International Film Festival // *Best Film
India – 5. Pune Short Film Festival
USA – 2016 Borrego Springs Film Festival
New Zealand – Kifaga Niue Film Festival
USA – 10. Trail Dance Film Festival // *Best Foreign Language Film
India – Smita Patil Documentary and Short Film Festival
USA – 16. Fargo Film Festival // *Best Narrative Short
USA – 11. SoCal Film Festival // Best International Short
17. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestivals
USA – 16. River Bend Film Festival
Miami Independent Film Festival
Move me Productions Belgium – Short Film Festival
Finow International Film&Script Festival
UK Screen One International Film Festival
Magnolia Independent Film Festival //* Best short
The Global Cinema Film Festival of Boston
New York Film Week
Albany FilmFest // * Audience Favorite
40th Cleveland International Film Festival* Nomination
Belarus, Comme Il Faut International Film Festival Minsk //*Best Short Film & Best Actor
Emerge Film Festival of Maine // *Best Short Film
58th Rochester International Film Festival
The Open Door Short Film Showcase
5. Julien Dubuque International Film Festival
Skyline International Film Festival //*Best International Film & Best Film Editor
5. Best shorts competition // * Award of Excellence
Norway Sandvika Film Festival
Indiepossible International Filmfestival 2016
Florida – 10.Rendezvous Film Festival
Cayfilm Cayman International Film Festival
13. Wild Rose Independent Film Festival Iowa //*9 Nominations, 3 Awards: Music, Cinematography & Production Design
Near Nazareth Festival
2. FAMEUS International Film Festival // *FameUS Platinum Award
3. International Independent Film Awards – Spring Session // *Platinum Winner
Swedish International Film Festival Stockholm
4. Knoxville Film Festival
4.Ipsos Short Film Breaks, Romania
United International Film Festival NYC // *Best Foreign Short Film
6. Golden Door International Film Festival
31st Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
The 7th Annual Reel Independent Film Extravaganza
31. Long Island Film Festival
UK – 21. Portobello Film Festival
Bahamas – 13. Bahamas International Film Festival
Russia – European Film Festival (Mainstream & Underground) Moskau
USA – 5. North Carolina Film Festivals // *Director’s Award
USA – The Reel East Film Festival
USA – 3. The International New York Film Festival // *Merit Award
USA – BLOW-UP · Chicago International Arthouse FILM FEST
USA – The Short Film Awards // *3 Nominations: Outstanding Styling, Best Actor, Best Long short film
Russia – 1. Salair International Independent FILM Festival